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10 Important tips fistula patients must know -

In my 17 years of medical practice, I observed that patients often get misguided & keep losing time, money & hope of permanent cure. Following are 10 important tips for fistula patients –

1) Proper examination & diagnosis   

Don't assume every pain in the anal region as piles ( hemorrhoids ). Go to well qualified registered doctor, get examined & ask for diagnosis.Get knowledge about stage of your disease. Search on internet. Always keep open the option of second opinion.

2) Don't do self medication   

Many times patients do self diagnosis & take medicines on symptoms.  They are unaware of severity of disease & keep managing only symptoms like pain, constipation, bleeding, etc. These medications give temporary relief only. Medicines can control or reduce inefction but can't cure fistula.

3) Beaware of quacks   

When above attempts fail, patients try to search cheaper options nearby. Many times in such search, patients get trapped by quacks. They pretend to be expert without any leagal  qualification. Patients get attracted by the low cost of treatment & mob in the queue.

4) Fistula is surgically curable disease  

Patients wander here and there in search of any doctor or medicines to cure fistula by medicines only. They try their best to avoid surgical intervention. But this ends in waste of time & money. During this they get dipressed and the disease keep spreading.

5) Limitations of conventional surgical techniques   

All conventional surgical techniques for fistula have high recurrence rate. It proves that just removing of infection surgically is not enough. Something is missing or needs to be improved. In laser technique, the cutting tool is replaced by laser. But basics of surgery are same.

6) Ayurvedic Kshar sutra treatment is the only hope  

kshar sutra therapy is an ancient Indian treatment. It is extremly effective to cure almost all types of fistula without complication or recurrence. It has been well establised and proven scientifically by various research centers in India. 

7) Features of Kshar sutra treatment 

No need of antibiotics, hospitalization, bed rest and daily dressing. Procedure can be done under local anesthesia. No incontinence and recurrence. This treatment distroys the structure of fistula and helps body to create healthy tissue.

8) Selection of Kshar sutra specialist 

This is really difficult part for patients. Now a day's Ayurvedic medicines are getting more and more popullar. Many quacks are taking disadvantage of this. Quacks pretend to be a ksharsutra specialist. Some of them do semi surgical procedure and insert a thresd in fistula track. Such thread may not be scientifically prepared or may be as a placebo. This results in failure of treatment. Unfortunately patient blames to ksharsutra treatment and not the doctor.

9) Factors affecting Kshar sutra treatment 

To cure anal fistula permanenty, 2 things are important - quality making of thread and correct insertion of thread in fistula track. Any short cut method here may cause failure of treatment.

10) Instructions during Kshar sutra treatment 

Pain, discharge, burning sensation are common symptoms during treatment. Pain is manageable by pain killer tablets. Keep the area clean and dry with cotton. No need of antibiotics or antiseptic application. Sits bath in warm water is helpful for cleaning and to reduce pain. Walk at least 2 km in a day. Movements will squeeze out blocked infection and help to heal faster. Avoid food which may create constipation ( coffee, paneer, chana dal, etc.). Also it is better to avoid fermented food and non vegitarian food. 

Note – 

Above content is based on Ayurvedic concepts & experience of Author.

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